Soja Mata on Tour

[img_assist|nid=181|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=79]During the whole month of May A SEED, CEO and the Movimiento Agrario y Popular, with the support of BASE.IS crossed through various European countries on an info-tour. Below the name 'la soja mata' or soy (we understand large scale soy cultivation) kills' info-evenings, meetings, action and filmfestivals were helt in which there was a focuss on large scale soy cultivation, genetechnology, agrofuels and resistance.
Central in this tour was Gilda Roa, representative of the Paraguayan peasant organisation MAP (Movimiento Agrario y Popular).
slideshow and background on soy expansion in Paraguay and resistance of MAP
pictures from the tour
overview of press atention during tour

In Paraguay, large-scale cultivation of genetically manipulated soy is constantly expanding. This because the worldwide demand for animal feed keeps on rising. Next to this there is now an emerging new market of soy-oil for agrofuel. Gilda Roa will expose the implications of soya expansion for the inhabitants of the countryside: contamination, toxicity, poverty and migration. Gilda's organisation, MAP, work to secure a future for people in rural areas. However, during their struggle for survival, several communities involved in MAP have faced violent evictions and increasing criminalisation of their struggle.

Gilda clarified what the consequences are of soy expansion and other monocultures, among them for agrofuels. She spoke about the MAP's perspectives, and what they themselves want for their people and their future. She briefly adressed the potentials and risks arising from the recent election of president Lugo.

>Tour schedule

  • 6-8 May Barcelona: Infoevening and press tour
  • 9-10 May Genève: Meeting and visit to Jardins de Cocagne
  • 11 May Dortmund: Workshop during BUKO congress
    info side event CBD
  • 12-19 May Bonn: Workshops, events and actions during CBD
    info side event CBD
  • 20-21 May Berlin: Info evenings in Mehringhof and Neukölln (
  • 22 May Wageningen: Info evening
  • 23 May Gent: Info evening in Assez, Sparrestraat 1A, 20:30 (
  • 24 May Brussels: Visit to farms in Pajottenland and infoevening in Koningstraat 123
  • 26-30 May Bask country: Filmfestival
  • 31 May Cantabria: Info evening
  • 2 June Gijón: info evening
  • 3 June Oviedo: info evening
  • 4 June Lugo: lecture in university of Lugo
  • 5 June Santiago de Compostela info evening
  • 6 June Vijo (Galicia): info evening
  • 8-9 June Madrid

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