Mobilisation of the Frente Social y Popular in Alto Paraná

More than 500 Campesinos and representatives of various social movements gathered from 4th to 6th of November on the central square 'Plaza de la Paz' in Ciudad del Este in Alto Paraná, being part of the mobilisation of the Frente Social y Popular.[img_assist|nid=275|title=Movilización del Frente Social y Popular de Alto Paraná|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=100]

Movements, organisations and participants present were the Movimiento Campesino Paraguayo (MCP),thel Movimiento Agrario del Paraguay (MOAPA), the Alianza Campesina (AL), the Asociación Movimiento Teko Porã Rekávo (AMOTER), the MCP Jóvenes and the Movimiento sin Techo. Leaders who were speaking during the demonstrations and different points of concentration were, among others: José Benitez for MOAPA, Fermín Bobadilla for MCP, Bartola Fernandes for AMOTER, Carlos Paiva for AL, Carlos Portillo for MOAPA and Martin Quiñone for MCP jóvenes.

During the first day of the mobilisation most activities took place on the square 'Plaza de la Paz' in CDE. In the afternoon the demononstration to the main road sarted and went all the way to the round-about Monaliza. At the same time approximately 300 people were blocking the road at kilometer 30. On the following day, there were already more people gathering to protest in front of the public ministry of the region of Alto Paraná. In the afternoon Campesinos and leaders from the Asociación de Agricultores de Alto Paraná (ASAGRAPA) arrived and the idea of a joint action of all present organisations was discussed with Tomas Zaya and other leaders; but the plan was not carried out. Finally, the compañeros from the roadblock at kilometer 30 came to join and reinforce the activities in CDE, giving the formulated demands even more weight with more than a thousand people on the streets. The demonstration went from the departmental government buildings to the Palacio de Justicia and the Dirección de Justicia y Trabajo to terminate late in the afternoon on the 'Plaza de la Paz',

All the people present were fighting for a complete land reform, fair employment, free health assurance for all, free and qualitatively good education, potable water and respect for the environment and souveregnty.[img_assist|nid=276|title=Movilización del Frente Social y Popular de Alto Paraná|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=100]