Brutal torture and murder on Paraguayan campesino.

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The Paraguayan Peasant Movement (MCP) denounces the murder and torture of the campesino ANTONIO ALMADA, 25 años years old, married and father, who was living in the community Meno Kue, district of Jasy Cañy, province of Kanindeju.

The criminal and brutal act that took place past 26 and 27th of May. ANTONIO ALMADA left his house in the night of the 26th in the company of a friend who came to invite him to go out- without specifying the whereto. He was found dead the next day at the border of Highway 10 at aproximately 1000 metres of his house.
The assistant of the district attorney of Curuguaty present for the removal of the body, concluded in his report that the cause of death was a traffic accident. Nevertheless the family members denounced that Antonio Almada was tortured, shot and murdered, as the corpse of Antonio showed marks of beatings, ripped out nails, the genital organ totally torned away and a bullet whole in the neck. The neighbours of the community afterwards informed that they heard shouting in an abandoned house, the place where he was possibly tortured by an unknown group at that moment. Later at this place they also found blood stains and nails.

With all the evidence mentioned, it is imposible to accept the conclusion of the district attorneys report, being a traffic accident. These type of actions are happening constantly to campesinos and remain in most of the cases in impunity.