Forum for Resistance to Agribusiness

Report of the
Forum for Resistance to Agribusiness
Buenos Aires, 23 – 25 June 2006

The Forum for Resistance against the Agro-Industry took place in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 23, 24 and 25th of June 2006. Participants at the meeting included Peasant and Indigenous organisations, environmental groups, academics and urban social movements from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Ecuador.

This document provides a political summary of the Forum.

A detailed account of the discussions which took place within the Forum workshops can be found in a second document on the following website:

The battle of Tekojoja, Paraguay

In Paraguay, currently less than 2% of the population owns 70% of the land. The expansion of GM soy is now one of the main causes of land conflict, and consequently one of the principal reasons for the increasing number of landless peasants. Caaguazu is one of the frontier areas of soy expansion. The town of Vaqueria can be considered as the front line of the peasant resistance against the agro-industry.

Silvino Talavera Campaign: Victory at high price

For an introduction and an overview of developments in the Silvino Talavera campaign, please see the article 'Paraguay: Silvino Talavera' on this site.

Asuncion, 29 November 2006: The Paraguayan Supreme Court has declared the extraordinary cassation request submitted by Lic. Fabio Daniel Baez Acosta, the defence lawyer of Alfredo Lautenschlager and Herman Schlender, as inadmissible. This means they will have to fulfil the sentence that was confirmed by the Appellation Tribunal of Encarnación and go to jail for two years for causing general risks and homicide. The sentence was confirmed without suspension.

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