Questions to the project group ‘'Sustainabable production of biomass'’ (Cramer Commission )

Questions to the Project Group ‘Sustainabable Production of biomass
’ [from, when?]

  1. The first part of the assignment of the project group was to “organise a stable structure of consultation and cooperation with stakeholders concerned..”. However, no organisations from the producer countries participated either in the project group, or are listed in the list of stakeholders. Also, the report was not translated in any of the languages of the producer countries, like Spanish. Why were organisations from procuder countries not considered as stakeholders? I notice that the follow up activities do include ‘elaboration of a protocol for the required dialogue with local/national stakeholders with respect to the reporting on sustainability indicators’. Why should they only be consulted on the reporting, and not on the design (or feasibility) of the indicators?

Agrofuels: a new threat

On January 10 2007, the European Commission presented its new energy plans. As for biofuels, a mandatory target (obliged quantity) of 10% is being proposed for the transport sector. In addition, subsidies and tax breaks support the import of agro-energy sources for electricity generation and cooling & heating.

In all its earlier communications and official documents, the European Commission has maintained that the public money needed to support agrofuels and agro-energy would only be justified if their sustainability would somehow be guaranteed. Since then, many initiatives to design criteria for 'sustainable' agrofuels or 'biomass' have sprung up. Nevertheless, the European Commission has now made clear that it cannot or will not create any guarantees for 'sustainability'.

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