Call for a moratorium on EU agrofuel incentives

Call for an immediate moratorium on EU incentives for agrofuels, EU imports of agrofuels and EU agroenergy monocultures.
The undersigned call for an immediate moratorium on EU incentives for agrofuels and agroenergy from
large-scale monocultures including tree plantations and a moratorium on EU imports of such agrofuels. This includes the immediate suspension of all targets, incentives such as tax breaks and subsidies which benefit agrofuels from large-scale monocultures, including financing through carbon trading mechanisms, international development aid or loans from international finance organisations such as the World Bank.

Disappeared campesino in hands of police in Paraguay

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On June 25 th community leader of the campesino organisation
MAP (Movimiento Agrario y Popular) disappeared from the community of
Pariri in Paraguay.

According to witnesses, Perfecto Irala, was kidnapped by an official of
the National Police named Vázquez of the commissariat of Santa Clara, in
the district Vaqueria. Various people and representatives of the MAP
have been trying to obtain information in the local commisariats,
without any result so far. They denounced the disappearance in the Human

Brutal torture and murder on Paraguayan campesino.

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The Paraguayan Peasant Movement (MCP) denounces the murder and torture of the campesino ANTONIO ALMADA, 25 años years old, married and father, who was living in the community Meno Kue, district of Jasy Cañy, province of Kanindeju.

The criminal and brutal act that took place past 26 and 27th of May. ANTONIO ALMADA left his house in the night of the 26th in the company of a friend who came to invite him to go out- without specifying the whereto. He was found dead the next day at the border of Highway 10 at aproximately 1000 metres of his house.

CONAMURI denounces violent eviction in Paraguay

On May 25 th CONAMURI, the National Coordination of indigenous and rural women denounced that on may 24th a violent eviction took place in the settlement Arsenio Báez, in central province of Caaguazu. During the eviction several people got arrested of which there is no news heard untill the moment.

The eviction was brought forth by district attorney Roberto Velásquez.

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