Over 235 organisations oppose Round Table on Responsible Soy

A proposed new label for ‘responsible’ soy will not stop deforestation, 235 civil society groups from across the globe warned in a letter today, ahead of a conference set to finalise the labeling scheme in Sao Paulo, Brazil.[1] The 235 groups, including Friends of the Earth International and Corporate Europe Observatory, have written to oppose the Round Table for Responsible Soy (RTRS) certification scheme, which they say could facilitate soy oil being used to meet the EU target for biofuels. This is despite evidence that soy biodiesel is worse for climate emissions than fossil fuels. [2]

Acción contra el apoyo de WWF a la soja venenosa de Monsanto en las oficinas de WWF-Holanda

[img_assist|nid=376|title=WWF Action|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=200|height=163] El 19 de Mayo 2009, la oficina central de WWF-Holanda recibió unos peculiares visitantes que incluían un panda llorón, un director circense de Monsanto y varios personajes vestidos con trajes blancos pulverizando un falso 'Roundup'.

La acción es una protesta con motivo del próximo voto de la Mesa Redonda sobre Soja Responsable (RTRS, en inglés), el 28 de Mayo en Campinas (Brasil). Este foro permitirá certificar como 'responsable' la soja transgenica RoundupReady, a pesar de que en realidad, la promoción y uso de esta soja es responsable del uso masivo de agrotóxicos, de favorecer la deforestación de grandes superficies de bosques así como de la expulsión forzosa de pequeños campesinos de sus tierras. vease dos videos abajo

"Responsible" soy process must be abandoned -- International call

Over sixty organizations from across the world have signed an open letter to the participants of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) [1] calling for it to be abandoned. They are taking this action because criteria to be launched by the Round Table in late May 2009 encourage soy monocultures, seek to include GM soy as sustainable and are too weak to protect vital ecosystems such as Amazon, Cerrado, and Chaco.

Signatories of the letter include Friends of the Earth International, FIAN International, Global Forest Coalition, the Scottish Green Party, Soya Alliance, the Soil Association, and Via Campesina European Coordination, as well as GM Freeze and GMWatch.

Organisations can sign the open letter by sending a message (with name, organisation, place) to Claire Robinson, GM Watch, clairejr@sky.com . Individuals can still also sign the petition on www.toxicsoy.org.

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